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04 August 2010 @ 08:07 pm
Trip to Istanbul  
Guess what! I spent almost a week in Istanbul! I am near Thessaloniki now, on my way back to Athens, reporting.
Here's what  happened: my mother had arranged to go to Istanbul with her friends, but my grandmother suddenly fell ill and she had to stay in Athens. But she had already paid for the tour, and as she didn't want to lose the money, so she asked me to go at her place. As I only have just 2.000 words to write till the end of the month I accepted to go.
So, I had a great time. My mother's friends are nice ladies and fun to be with. Istanbul is... a poor city. Great for sightseeing though. We saw every Greek remain there, which is... hm... hidden boring churches, the headquarters of the Orthodox church and of course the *magnificent* Agia Sofia. I liked the palace of Top Kapi and the Dolma Bahche palace. Pretty palaces. From the displays in Top Kapi I remember the gorgeous swords and the cradle for the heirs of the Sultan. Small cute luxurious cradle for a golden baby! (I need pics...) We also got in the Blue Mosque. We the ladies had to cover our hands and legs, but not the hair, thankfully. I liked the carpet *laughs*.
What else... about the Turks I have to say they are a bit flattering... yes. Using the Greek flag next to the Turkish, hihi. About the food... oh so spicy! I *loved* their kebap and I tasted the most delicious rice ever. They also have every kind of delight and baclava... miam miam! And Turkey, at least at Istanbul, must be the only country except Greece where you can find frappe coffee. Cool!
We also watched a show with belly dancers and some tradittional dances. The first dancer...! She was a little older but still gorgeous, with a muscular body and a lot of experience. She was amazing! And all of the dancers emanated happiness. With a little wine it was pure euphoria! I drank so much wine that I was dizzy when I left. I didn't forget this dolma the waitor took away from me before I could eat it... I should eat faster... : ( Μου πήρε το ντολμαδάκι μουουουουουου!
And this is all for now... I will be back in Athens tomorrow and I will try to post some intersting pictures. And then keep writing of course!
Current Location: Thessaloniki
hananaki: kaaamehananaki on August 5th, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
It sounds awesome!!!
I am so glad you are having a good time.I would really like to go too for a weekend at some point in my life.And it sounds interesting too.
I will wait for the pictures.
Fuyumi Kôtani (冬美 凍谷)marilena_r on August 9th, 2010 07:17 am (UTC)
Νομίζω ότι τώρα μπορώ να βάλω φωτό! Περιμένω να μου τις δώσει η κυρία που είχε την μηχανή. Οι δικές μου δεν είναι πολλες.
arsinoiarsinoi on August 10th, 2010 03:23 pm (UTC)
I demand photos of this!!!
Fuyumi Kôtani (冬美 凍谷)marilena_r on August 11th, 2010 10:14 am (UTC)
Όταν λειτουργήσει καλύτερα το νετ θα τις βάλω!